Sunday, November 9, 2008

Attack of the giant cupcakes

I mean, seriously -- who brings cupcakes like this to a chubby girl's house? My talented and beautiful friend Kelsey - that's who. More on that later...

This weekend was okay. I had a small issue with some pink M&Ms, but all in all, it wasn't bad.

Yesterday was a day of errands and cleaning. I ate at home which is rare for a weekend day. For lunch I had a Smart Ones "Broccoli and Chicken Pasta Thing" (not it's real name). I had some yummy sugar free chocolate pudding. Together they were just 350 cals and very filling. I didn't feel like a mid-afternoon snack.

Dinner was a test of the sandwich ingredients I purchased for today's baby shower and 100 cals of pretzels. I also discovered that pickles - which I never buy - are crazy low in calories. I knew they weren't high, but this 1/4 dill was 5 or something - barely worth calculating.
Bread: 2 slices for 120 - awesome
Cheese: Light Marble - 60 cals each = 120
Lean Turkey & Ham - I guessed about 100 as it was sliced at the deli counter so I didn't have the details. So the meal was 450 including the pretzels.

Today was the baby shower. My friend Melissa is due at the end of the month. We had just a small girls-only get together for her as the big, co-ed shower was last month. We were at my house and the theme was "Think Pink" as she's having a girl. We did some cheesy mad libs that made me laugh so hard my eye burned and just chatted. Our last get together before parenthood strikes our little group.

I'm 31, but only have a small handle of friends who have kids. I think that's all going to change in the next couple of years. I love kids and hope my friends include me in things still even though I'm the single girl.

So, food for today:
Bagelful 200 cals

Activia Vanilla Yogurt and 100 cal peanut granola bar

Far too many pink M&Ms 200 cals
Sandwich - repeat of last night 340 cal
veggies & hummus - 100 cals
gigantic pink cupcake - 400 cals?

If I tallied/guessed correctly, I'm around 1500 for the day. Not bad. I'm happy my skinny/healthy friends were good with the healthier than normal food (even with the cupcakes and M&Ms). We didn't do any fancy cheeses, chips or other finger foods. There was punch, but I stuck to water.

Goal for this week:
I've really been bad this week. My alarm is set for 6am, so I'll be up bright and early (well, it will be dark and early). I also have my trainer tomorrow night.

I'm not sure if anyone had stumbled across this blog yet, but after a week of writing it, I'm kind of liking feeling obliged to report my progress...

Have a good Monday!

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