Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No more birthdays!

That's it...I'm done birthdays - well till Dec. 22 anyway. I've had a crazy stretch of like 6 birthdays in 3 weeks. It's tiring. My extended family is getting sick of each other too. My best friend's sister and hubby had a huge blow-up in the middle of dinner. Then my BF thought it would be a good idea to light sparklers for the kids indoors -- let's just say she lit fire to the house before the kids even got to see the sparklers.

Anyway...I did ok with food, but had no exercise yesterday. I had a very small piece of bday cake (an inside piece so I'd have less icing).

It's 7:45 this morning and I've already been for my hour walk so I'm off to a better start. Had the same breakfast as yesterday.

More later...

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