Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 1 (again)


So, everyone tells me things that happen in my life are funny and that I need to write them down. I enjoy reading weight loss blogs & I'm thinking that it might be fun to have my own. It will basically be a lifestyle blog - with an emphasis on food & exercise since that often dominates my life.

My dream is that one day, somebody will be searching for a motivational blog and come across mine. Maybe you're reading this in a year or so and I've included awesome before and after shots of me! Maybe you're reading this and I'm still struggling with losing weight. Either way, I hope you enjoy what I write!

So...although I've started blogging today, I haven't had the greatest day.

Excercise - none

Food - well, it's only 4:30 and I overeat at night, but I'm on track for my 1600 calorie goal (I track on

Be well,


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