Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weigh-In day

Highest Weight: 257
Current Weight: 216.2
Loss this week: 3.2

I have memories of watching weight loss ads as a kid and seeing before and after shots. The subjects had always lost 30, 40 or 50 pounds. I remember thing, "wow, that's a lot" or "look how different they look". I never imagined I'd be faced with needing to lose 100 pounds.

So 3.2 pounds down this week. I'm happy with that -- I know 1-2 is more average. Still, I can't help but realize that I've lost 40 pounds and don't really look or feel all that different. Sure, my clothes are a little looser - really more on top (my waist), but it's not like anyone other than my closest friends have said anything. I think the fact they know how hard I'm trying nulls their comments. That said, I don't really want strangers or coworkers making comment - I guess I'm being a typical, hard-to-please girl.

Oh well, off to start my weekend. Ate a Bagelful and am planning the food for the rest of he day. I'm going to visit my Granny then off to a movie with my mom. I'll bring my own food to the movie (lunch),

Will blog about the whole weekend tomorrow.

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