Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Working" from Home

Today I'm at home. I have a bunch of conference calls and a presentation to prepare. When I work from home, I usually spread out my work day - so it's longer, but I take more breaks (like now).

Yesterday was good. I ate within my calories and got in the exercise I wanted.

Breakfast 7am:
This week's usual - Rice Krispies, Banana, Milk and Light Chocolate Syrup. It's less than 300 calories & yummy.

Snack: Cheesestring (70 calories)

Lunch 12pm:
Sheppard's pie. It's a prepared, frozen type. I usually do the reduces fat version, but the regular was on sale and the calories weren't substantially more so I thought it would be okay. I'm regretting it a little as the fat content is high (20g). I have 4 or so servings left in the freezer.

Dinner 5pm:
Lean Cuisine Cannelloni with Green Giant Essentials anti-oxidant blend and frozen corn. This worked well - I was full, it looked healthy and tasted great!

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Snack 7pm:
After-dinner snacking has always been a problem. I had a big dinner, but instead of my typical calorie-empty snack of a few hundred snack packs, I had a bagel and peanut butter. It alone was almost 400 calories (more than dinner!), but satisfied me (and was within my calorie limit). I'm just looking at it like I had 4 small meals.

I know I have to work on some nutritional issues. Namely:
  • Sodium (I track on the daily plate and I'm usually too much over the daily allowance, but I know I could easily reduce my intake by cooking as opposed eating prepared/frozen meals.
  • Fruit and veggie intake. I did better yesterday than normally. I'm embarrassed to think about the number of days I had where I haven't consumed any fruits or veggies
  • More protein/less fat
My focus for the short term -- at least until I get below 200 - is to stay under 1600 cals per day and to intentionally exercise at least 6 hours a week. Baby steps, I guess.

Today I've already been for a 5 to 6km walk! It took an hour and half though. I ate the Rice Krispies blend again. I'll have to plan out the rest of the day as I'm going out to dinner. Thankfully, I'm going to the Pickle Barrel. They have a healthy option menu that lists calories for a few items (rare in Canada).

Anyway, I have to get back to work :)

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