Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weigh-In day

Highest Weight: 257
Current Weight: 219.4
Loss this week: 2.6

So it's not that I'm not happy with losing 2.6 pounds this week, it's just that a few weeks ago I was 218. I had a couple of REALLY bad weeks, but I was kinda hoping to get back to 218. Oh well, we'll see what happens next week.

Yesterday was the hardest day for me of the week. Thursday night I was supposed to go to the gym, but my trainer called to say there were some fumes and it was not safe to work-out. Instead of taking advantage of the unusually warm weather, I did nothing. I guess that got me out of my pattern a bit and not only did I not exercise yesterday, I figure I went over my calorie goal by about 600. :-(

The GOOD news...I went shopping! I'm officially a size 18 and bought work pants in a "normal" store. Of course, most "normal" stores only go to 14 or 16, but it still felt great. I also bought a burgundy v neck sweater, purple sweater vest & beige/gold sweater/fooler shirt (sweater that looks like it has a satiny blouse underneath).

I also bought a new winter coat. It's dark, dark, grey wool. It's cute. It's a 16, but in did up and didn't look too tight although it's quite snug when I sit. It was 40% off and I figure that even if it only really fits by January, it was a good deal.

I love shopping -- but need to stop buying things before Christmas. My poor credit card.

Anyway, I'll post today's meals etc... later...

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