Sunday, November 16, 2008

Santa's Here!

Today was a bizarre day diet-wise.

Let's start at the beginning...

I woke up and grabbed a Quaker Instant Brown Sugar and Maple Oatmeal. I grabbed a yogurt a couple hours later.
(260 calories)

At 9:30, I left to pick my friend's son up. The 2 of us headed downtown to the Santa Claus Parade. We met another friend their along with her little son and 2 clients (she's a social worker). It was freezing! I can't explain enough how cold it was. We sat down around 11 (thankfully we brought folding chairs). I was wearing a sweatshirt, fleece jacket and winter jacket. I bought my little friend cotton candy & fries & hot chocolate. I had a hot chocolate & half a slimfast bar (I was too cold to keep chewing)
(330 calories)

The parade was awesome - but cold! Did I mention how cold I was? They throw candy and treats at you - I ate one quarter of an oreo wafer bar.
(40 calories)

I was invited to my friend's family's for dinner, but couldn't do it. There would be a ton of kids there and I was just tired and cold and wanted to be in my nice warm house. I was dreaming of a Swiss Chalet Festive Special. If you don't like in Canada - it's a quarter chicken, side dish (I'd do salad or corn), cranberry, stuffing and chocolates! Yummy! I thought I had the calories to spare so I started dialling to order as soon as I walked it. Unbelievably it was closed! Jest the store near me -- they said it was too busy. On a Sunday night! Craziness!

So instead I had a frozen low fat barley risotto with chicken, corn and Green Giant's Fibre mix. It looked like a strange mix, but I needed the corn to round things out -- the risotto was strongly seasoned. I also had a few Omega 3 Rosemary and Olive oil crisps for crunch (I added them after the photo.

(610 hefty calories)

Sadly enough I also had 200 calories of snacks while watching tv.

All in all, not a horrible day food wise and I had fun. We did a little walking, but I need to admit the weekend went my with minimal exercise.

Back to it tomorrow!

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