Sunday, January 4, 2009

Biggest Loser Blog Edition

So I just joined the Biggest Loser Blog Edition! I'm thinking this will be good for me as I'll have some added accountability & hopefully have some encouragement.

I don't know how to add the image and link to my left column like I see other participants have done, but I'll try to figure it out.

Today was great for the most part!

The good: I got my Christmas decorations down and put away.

The bad: My dad passed by my house and put something in my garage and believes I have a mouse in there. I'm already afraid of the garage - the car never goes in there and everything I need is right at the very front. He says I need to get a mousetrap - then what! Thankfully, there are no entries from the garage to the house and I never go in there. If I just ignore it will it go away?

The food:

Breakfast: Bagelful (I'm boring I know)

Snack: Cheesestring

Lunch: Veggie Lasagna - PC Blue Menu - I eat this alot because they were on sale - 2 for $10 - that's $1.25 a serving!

Snack: 3 wedges of Terry's Dark Chocolate orange. I bought a couple of these on Boxing Day. Dark Chocolate is not bad for you and it satisfies my cravings!

Dinner: Rice, Corn, Blue Menu Cajun Chicken Breast grilled on my Cuisinart Grill (greatest thing ever)

Snack: Vitamuffin and Skim Milk

Here's a dinner pic:

I went for a walk outside - it was only 30 minutes, but I went on a hilly route and kept a decent pace.


Lainey said...

Our garage smells like mice, so I'm pretty sure they're in there. I don't care where they are, as long as they're not in my house!

Yes, I weigh every day. I think it keeps me accountable. I don't take it to heart too much, in spite of my whining when it doesn't go down. I'm also a member of TOPS, so I get weighed in every Tuesday night.

Lainey said...

It took me three tries to post that last comment...I don't know why.

Ashley said...

Thanks! Good luck to you too! I'm so excited. :) Eh...mice. I do not envy you.

karen said...

If you ignore the mouse it MAY go away on its own ... or it may decide that it really likes your garage and settles down there with its whole family and open a restaurant and .... okay, so I've watched Ratatouille a few too many times with my toddler! (Oh yeah ... and I'm a new BLBE-er, too, and wanted to say hi!)

andrea. said...

Hey, congrats -- I joined the challenge too! Should be pretty fun. :)

The way I added the logo to my page was just to save it to my desktop as an image, then in the Blogger 'customize' section, I added the widget that just lets you add a photo, and I stuck the image in there. Not sure if that's how everyone's doing it, but it worked for me. :)