Friday, January 30, 2009

Holy Crazy Day!!

Would you ever think it was possible to have a car totalled and stolen in the same day?

That's what happened to my s-i-l today. She slipped off the road into a ditch on her way to work this morning. No damage to the car, but she needed to get towed out. The cops came by and since there was a long wait for a tow, they took her to the station. A short while later, they came up to her and said, "we have to talk".

It seems a tractor trailed jack knifed and plowed into her car - destroying it.

While she was filling out the claim, her roadside assistance company reported that a "rogue" tow truck driver took her car. Apparently this happened in stormy weather and then they basically keep the car hostage until you pay their huge fee. The cops, who she was now chummy with, said they could treat it as stolen.


I'm having my own issues today -- came home from work and the house was 14 degrees. I shut the furnace off and on again (rebooting it?), and it re-heated the house, but it's getting cold again. The furnace is crazy old, but I'm hoping I don't need to replace it. Any idea how much a furnace costs? I don't have clue.

Food was a little crappy today but I went grocery shopping and got excellent, healthy stuff. I will be taking lots of good food pics this week.

Weighing in in the morning - will post then!

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Lainey said...

Wow...that's crazy about your SIL's car. My car got stolen once, and since the cops couldn't get ahold of me right away, they had it towed to the impound lot, where I had to pay a rather hefty fee to get it out (talk about rubbing salt in a wound), but that was all perfectly legal.