Monday, January 19, 2009

Who doesn't love Mondays?

So I looked like I was moving out of my house this morning. I was lugging my large purse, laptop bag, gym bag and lunch bag.

The work day was ok. I'm a senior project manager and some of the regular project managers hate being assigned to my projects (they handle smaller projects on their own and feel they could do my stuff too). Anyway, one PM that has the biggest issue with my team (the "seniors" have a different reporting structure"), is filling in for somebody on one of my projects for 6 weeks! oh well.

I planned on going to the gym right after work. I thought about not going. I even sat in the parking lot contemplating not going in. My gym is in a grocery store and I walked around it for a while before going up. I did it though. 30 minutes/400 calories on the Elliptical. I would have done more but it was crazy busy and people wanted the machine. I have my trainer tomorrow.

Food for the day:

Bagel with Chocolate Peanut Butter and 1/2 a banana:

Activia yogurt and 1/2 banana

Veggie Lasagna


Cheesestring and 100 calorie granola bar

Mixed greens with broccoli and a touch of Onion and Red Pepper Dressing

Leftover Couscous with chicken and roasted veggies (originally they weren't mixed, but they got shaken in the container so I went with it)


Cookies and Strawberry tea

Total calorie intake: 1600

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H.H. said...

Love PB&Co.! If you haven't tried the White Chocolate Wonderful, OMG, it is so good. Actually, I can't buy it anymore because I just can't stay out of it.