Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest Loser is back!

I super excited for Biggest Loser this season! I think watching it will keep me motivated for Biggest Loser Blog Edition.

I'm typing this as I watch.

So today was definitely more exciting than yesterday. My best friend's sister is renting out her house (townhouse actually) and a tenant just left. OMG the house is a disaster! I'm talking the toilet...it's in the tub! Clearly there was some kind of flood. There are other major issues - plus the house is dirtier than dirt. The guy was apparently in after the eviction (neighbours saw him), so I stayed while they called the cops to report a break and enter. I'm never going to be a landlord - ever!

Food wise I was good. I track via dailyplate.com and they've been having server issues -- too many resolution people! Tracking on paper today was a pain & I made a dumb error that cause me to go 250 cals over my plan. Math sucks :-)

Total Cinnamon cereal w/ banana and skin milk.

Veggie Lasagna

Snack: Chocolate Milk

OMG - there was an issue. I ate late due to the aforementioned issues & was starved. I had a low fat, stuffed chicken breast in the freezer. I didn't have the box, but I looked up the instructions online for microwaving (I threw away the box as I know the details, but usually oven bake them). Why, oh why, didn't 12 minutes sound like too much? It was. I ended up with a shrivelled hard thing and blackened CorningWare. Needless to say, I microwaved myself a piece of stuffed fish. I had Green Giant pasta and veggies with it.

Granola Bar & Hot Chocolate with marshmallows. Let me explain the cocoa. For Christmas I got a very pretty pack of hot cocoa, marshmallows and Vanilla Sugar. Now it was a very nice gift, but who puts sugar on the hot chocolate? Anyway, I had a low fat, low sugar hot chocolate mix with 40 cals of marshmallows!

Anyway - today I ate 1750 calories. Too many considering I didn't exercise - I'll make up for that tomorrow (exercise wise).


Natalie said...

I'm on the same team as you for BLBL , and am watching biggist looser right now too ( well not at the comericals- I do jumping jacks!) Your dinner looks awesome even with out the chicken!

karen said...

Another Team Angie member!!! I LOVE how you post pictures of what you consume. I'm far tooooo lazy for that at this point :)