Friday, January 2, 2009

Hi all,

Hope you had a good New Years! Mine was oddly quiet, but I needed yesterday to relax from the hoopla of Christmas - plus I have a busy weekend ahead.

So yesterday I ate about 1700 calories - not bad, but I was aiming for 1500. I track my calories on

I ate way to much junk yesterday. I have lots of treats from Christmas to get through (although I've already eaten the ones that don't have clear nutritional information available).

Here are chocolate covered coffee beans from Purdy's. They are 10 cals per bean. I don't like/drink coffee, but I ate these anyway.

I also had 2 :blush: of these chocolate covered pretzel rolls. They are 120 cals each.

Time to put away the Christmas decor & stop eating the treats!

So yesterday I watched a few episodes of "Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic". It was scary. I hate to say it, but I wondered how people let themselves get to 500 pounds. I know a lot of my skinny friends wonder the same thing about me...

I was amazed at the number of people who thought they were obese due to slow metabolism and not food addiction. I know I eat way more than the average person. I haven't figured out why, but I binge like crazy. I eat when I'm bored - I just need to eat carrots instead of cookies I guess.

To avoid sitting on my couch the whole day, I did go for an hour long walk. I stopped walking outside in November because the sidewalks are so icy in my running shoes. My sister bought me these grips that you put on your shoes and they were pretty good (once I got used to them). The walk felt good (although my ipod died part way through).

Yesterday's menu:
Bagelful (these will be on my menu a lot - not the wisest choice I'm sure, but quick, yummy and only 200 calories).
Blue Menu (grocery chain's "healthy line" ) Chicken Parmesan with side of Simply Steam Broccoli and Cheese
McCain Slow Cooker Solutions Chicken a la King and Rice
Sugar fee Peach Jello
The aforementioned treats
Total 1721


Lainey said...

How's the Slow Cooker Solutions Chicken a la King? I don't think I've seen that one, but it sounds good. I'd like to try one of those someday.

When I watch those shows of people who weigh over 400 lbs, I see myself in their thought processes and I know exactly how they got there. It terrifies me.

Angie said...

The Chicken a la King was okay. I like bland food so it worked for me. I made some rice to go with it which it needed because it was a little soupy.