Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Hi everyone,

Today was a snowy day here. I chose to work from home - love that option.

The day started with a small breakfast - a Strawberry Bagelful. I recently discovered I can just stick these in the toaster. I really like them & they are only 200 calories.

I then went for a walk in the snow! I walked through a field to the local school. It was really different than walkng on pavement. It was only 30 minutes though.

When I came back I ran across an neighbout of mine - a nice old gentleman who alway waves. He said, "I don't envy you having to drive in this." I replied, "I'm going to work from home." He said, "Oh you work from home, that explains your unique schedule we were wondering about." What?! I love that my neighbours are discussing my schedule.

I went in the house & started working.

Snack was a Cheesestring

A few conference calls later, Lunch was good old veggie lasagne (the last of that one). I also had 2 slices of dark chocolate orange and 6 chocolate covered coffee beans (150 calories of yumminess)

After a few more calls and a gazillion emails, I had an Activia Vanilla yogurt for snack, and called it a (work)day.

I went for a facal. My favourite (non-food) indulgence! It's kind of a hybrid facial-massage. She says she can give me an RMT reciept for it so I can claim it. I know I have coverage through work, so maybe I should see about getting the note required to claim massage.

Then I headed over to my parents. We had Subway for dinner - mine was a 6inch on wheat with grilled chicken, lettuce & honey mustard. I reviewed my finances with my financial planner (aka dad), got depressed, and came home.

Final snack of the day: Vitamuffin and milk.

I think I'll start tomorrow with some oatmeal and aim for a few more veggies.

I'm going to try and read before my eyes start closing. Having a good night!

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Linda said...

Loving having subway! Especially when I'm low on points and HUNGRY!

I'm making the rounds and say hi!