Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Hi all,

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was quiet - something I love and hate. I enjoy knowing I have nothing to do, but I hate being reminded that I could potentially spend a lot of weekends alone. My best friend has 3 kids. We were supposed to go to the movies Saturday, but she disappeared. She never called. She's never been the most reliable person, but it irritates me none the less. She normally calls 2-3 times a day, so I know she just didn't call today because she ditched me yesterday. When she calls tomorrow, she'll blame the kids and say I'll understand one day. She was the first of my friends to have kids. The second in my close circle had her first in December and two others are expecting.

Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on that tangent...

After yesterday's weigh-in, I had a quick breakfast and headed to the gym. I ended up doing 45 minutes on the elliptical. I was pretty happy with myself. Of course, I was starved when I got home.

I have a newly stocked freezer of Lean Cuisines & Smart Ones (gotta love when they are on sale for $1.99!), so I had a Smart Ones Tuna Noodle thing. It was pretty good. I also had an Easter Egg - couldn't resist :-)

As boredom set in, I knew I'd be in snack trouble, so I went for a 45 minute walk. I've been listening to Oprah's webcasts from her Best Life Week on my IPOD and the walk flew by. When I came home, I had a snack.

Dinner was Cajun spiced grilled chicken breast and some Green Giant Cheddar Pasta and Veggies. Yummy and filling.

I did have a few snacks -- I need to commit to photographing snacks as I tend to go overboard. That said, I ended up around 1800 calories. Not bad considering the bonus walk.


Today started out slow. My mother calls Sunday mornings and if I don't answer she assumes I'm dead. So while I waited for her to call, I had a Bagelful.

After the call, I went to the gym and burned 500 calories on the Elliptical. I came home, cleaned a bit and made lunch.

Canned Veggie Chile with some grated cheese and a multigrain bagel.

Now, I must say, there is a lot of math involved in dieting. Not just calories in and out, but deciphering nutritional info. The can had 425 grams, but a serving was 247 grams. This is what I went through to try and figure out the calories in half the can.

I went for another walk in the afternoon (trying to repeat yesterday's success and then made a decent dinner. Grilled Chicken (I always do a few breasts at a time, so this was "leftover" from yesterday), Simply Steam Broccoli and Carrots and Knorrs Sides with Veggies (supposedly there is a serving of veggies - broccoli and spinach - in here). All in all good, but a tad high in sodium.

I had some cookies I shouldn't have for dessert and ended up with another 1800 calorie day. I've now banished myself to my bedroom to avoid the kitchen.

Good night!

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Healthy Hunter said...

I know how you feel...if I'm around the house too much and don't have anything planned for the weekend I'll snack out of boredom. So I usually go for super long workouts at the gym mid-morning. The elliptical is the perfect trick for bum days : )