Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weigh in day

Current Weight: 219.4
Loss this week: 0.8

So...0.8. Kind of pitiful, but at least it's a loss.

I haven't blogged in a couple days as I've been super busy. I think I made some good choices though.

Thursday night my friends and I took our Mom's out on the town. They hadn't seen each other in a long time. We went to The Red Tomato downtown. I had the Sole and fries. Very few fries. Actually, I didn't know they would be fries - the lingo on the menu was a little tricky. All the other dished seemed creamy or cheesy. I didn't want to ask for anything special as we were on schedule -- we went to see a musical.

Yesterday was also crazy. I was exhausted in the morning (not used to late night weeknights). Breakfast was Chocolate Peanut Butter oatmeal. I forgot my lunch and had no chance for snack. At about one, I walked (just 10 minutes) over to Harvey's. I had the grilled chicken sandwich with mustard, pickles and lettuce. It seemed like a decent choice at 340 calories.

I got home at 5. I walked (20 minutes each way) to the grocery store. I was friggin' cold. I got some Lean Cuisines & Smart Ones frozen dinners (on sale for $1.99) and some Low Fat Superfries. I bought more than I though considering I had to walk home (in the friggin' cold) with it all.

Dinner was carb-o-licious
Seafood stuffed Haddock
Low fat fries

I was cold later so I had some low fat hot cocoa and an After Eight straw (which you can see melting in here).

Anyway - I'm going to bum up the exercise this week and hopefully I can lose closer to 2 pounds next week.

Have a good one!


Bee said...

Better down than up. ☺ Good job!

Natalie said...

a loss is a loss! slow and steady wins the race! good job!

Bre said...

Yay on the loss! Way to go!!