Friday, January 16, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Hi all,

Well tomorrow is weigh in day. I'm excited I think although I've had a couple of lazy days (I haven't exercised since Tuesday & both days I ate about 200 calories over goal).

Yesterday was a busy workday - Thursdays always are.

Breakfast: I had my chocolate peanut butter oatmeal - made on the stove! I still have the fuse blown where the microwave plugs in. I've never made oatmeal on the stove! It tasted different (not better/worse - just different).

Lunch: President's Choice Pad Thai. So good. It's part of their combo line. It has a ton of chicken and is only 340 calories per serving

Just after lunch, my friend called asking if I wanted to do dinner and a movie. I was actually hesitant because of how if would impact my food intake. Realizing that was silly, I agreed.

Thankfully, out restarant plans changed to the food court and I had a 6 inch chicken breast sub (no cheese).

The movie was Revolutionary Road. Really intense. Let me just say - DO NOT see this movie with a friend with marital "issues."

I had a 100 calorie snack pack of oreos as my movie treat and a piece of my friend's licorice.

After the movie we went for a late night grocery shop. I got some great fresh fruit and veggies as well as eggs which will be good on the weekend. I knew I had a few calories left over so when I saw that Cadbury Cream Eggs were out, I couldn't resist (180 calories!). I can't believe they are out already - I'm in trouble :-)

Total calories for the day: 1650


Natalie said...

Yum yum, after seeing your photo of you lunch, I'm going to have to make a trip to superstore soon!

I can't belive that easer stuff is out already, I'm still trying to get rid of my chocolates from Christmas!

Healthy Hunter said...

My weakness is any kind of Valentines candy. Sweethearts...those gross chalky things...I could eat a zillion boxes! Staying in the health food stores to buy groceries helps me avoid the candy & bakery stuff. Great blog!