Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So… there seems to be a war brewing between my neighbour and recycling man. It my city, every week we have blue box recycling picked up and green bin compost picked up (garbage is every other week).

Every week after pick-up, my compost bin is stacked neatly inside the blue bin. My neighbour's bin and boxes always seem tossed about. I never thought too much of it until last week when I went to pull into my driveway after work & it was littered with stuff. Shoes! Magazines! Laundry Soap bottles! It seemed like my neighbours recycle bins had been tossed. I cleaned up and put everything back on their driveway.

Last night, when I put my boxes out, I glanced at my neighbours boxes. They're blue bins were understandable overflowing and they added two cardboard boxes this week. Right on top was a sewing kit. It looked like it was from the 60s or 70s - my mom has a similar one. Needless to saw, it didn't look recyclable.

Cut to this morning...I left my house as the recycling guy was coming by. I said "Good Morning" as he neatly stacked my empty bins. I was scrapping ice off the car as I heard him curse, kick my neighbours box and wonder aloud, "what's wrong with these people?"

So now I'm wondering -- should I go and explain how recycling should work? Should I casually mention when I see them that the guy seemed angry. Should I sneak my recycling handbook (provided by the city just last month) into their mailbox? It looks like today, they put out all the stuff that was refused last week. I can only imagine what they'll have out there next week!

Moving on...

Yesterday was pretty boring diet wise...oatmeal, chicken + veggies + rice, bagelful, gym + trainer, chili + cheese

Today was good.

Oatmeal for breaky

Lunch was a Blue Menu Chicken Parmesan ( a little watery, but the chicken didn't taste fake like some frozen meals).

Snack was a banana cut up in Activia Strawberry Yogurt

Dinner was leftover chicken, 4 bean rice and corn with a side of leftover broc and carrots. I have confirm I hate cooked carrots and picked through them

Snack was skim milk and a chocolate vitamuffin

Looking forward to Biggest Loser!!


TJ said...

It seems like the recycling guy should be the one to say something. Wonder if he has and they're just not complying?

If it were me, I'd probably just leave them my recycling guide.

Great food pics!

countryjacket said...

Love the food pics!