Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Miscellaneous musings

1) Sometimes those smushed up letters that you need to decipher to leave a comment on a blog are hard to read

2) My neighbours didn't recognize me when I said hello while passing them on a street. They're strange

3) I had a bad work day and a bad food day - coincidence?

4) I'm excited for Lost tonight - it will be the first time I watch it live. I've watched the past 4 seasons on DVD over the past few months

5) When I look at my blog, sometimes the first part I can't see until I scroll down then up again. I realize that previous sentence makes little sense.

6) "Smushed" doesn't pass spell check


Graciela said...

Stress makes me want to eat carbs. So, for me a bad work day often does equal a bad food day, unless I can think of some other strategy to handle the stress.

I've taken to bringing a whole day's worth of healthy food to work, and that helps me to stay away from the candy machine, even when I'm stressed.

Swansong said...

I hate those dang verification codes! Annoying for me! LOL

Tanya said...

Bad work day definately = bad food day in my life... although very slllooooww days in the summer at work also do the same thing. Darned boredom factor.