Sunday, January 18, 2009

the return of the microwave

Perhaps the main reason it is good to live so close to my parents is there is somebody to do the household tasks that freak me out.

Last week, I blew the fuse for the microwave and have been microwave-free. So, I invited my parents for dinner and asked my dad to change the fuse. And heck, while he was down there, I asked him to change the furnace filter too.

I made them my standard veggie lasagna. I think I'm getting sick of this, so I'll have the leftover piece for lunch tomorrow and that will be it for a while.

Today I started off with a breakfast I haven't had in a while.
Two Omega 3 eggs (140 cals)
1 cheese string (have stirred into the egg) (60 cals)
1 multigrain flax bagel with 2 tsp of becel super lowfat margarine (170 + 25 cals)
Some low-sugar ketchup

It was surprising lowcal. I have to admit that between breakfast and dinner, I grazed, but I did stay within my calorie goal.

Anyway, I 'm hoping the snow clears up over night. We got a bunch more today, but I really want to go into the office tomorrow.

Non diet/exercise goals for the week (I'm thinking if I write them, maybe I'll do them):
- Arrange for upholsery cleaning - my couches are starting to look blah
- Oil change
- Take clothes to Goodwill

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