Saturday, January 3, 2009

First (official) weigh-in of 2009

Weigh In Day

I know I only weighed myself 2 days ago, but I was curious and Saturday will be my regular weigh in day so...

I weigh 226.8. I think that confirms some of the 230 from Thursday was water weight. I feel a little better.

This has been such a weird week - I'll be glad to get to next week when I'm back in my non-holiday/regular routine. I miss being forced to sit in my cubicle with no access to snack food!

Today should be good. I'm addicted to LOST. I haven't been watching it on tv, but since the summer, I've watched it on DVD. I didn't have season 4 on DVD (and am trying to financially recover from Christmas and didn't want to but it), but I found it online at I hope it's legal. Basically you can watch 70 minutes a day (although I think if you take an hour long break you can watch again). I'm addicted.

I'm going over to a friend's house this afternoon for present exchange with 3 people. I'll be glad to get the Christmas stuff out of the house. I'm going in the mid-afternoon, so hopefully food won't be an issue. I have to make sure that I make good choices this week to get mentally back on track. The friend whose house we'll be at doesn't exactly make the wisest food choices.

Yesterday's Menu/Activity:
Amy's Enchilada with Spanish Rice and Beans (good & filling - I'll but this again)
Pretzels and Cheesestring
SlowCooker Chicken a la King and Rice
Vitamuffin and Skim Milk (love the chocolate vitamuffins)
Walk in the snow -- so pretty. I used my runners and shoe grips in the fresh snow.

1600 cals eaten. Today I will eat some veggies!

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